VDF - Valla Tires and Rims

The company “Valla Däck”, was founded already in 1982. The name translated into English is “Valla Tires”. Valla is a small village very close to Swedens demographic middle point in the middle of Sweden. The company was started as a local tire workshop but has grown since then. It was founded by Conny Gustafsson with good help of his mother and father, Margareta and Folke. The company slogan has since the beginning been “always low prices and fast service” Something we always try our best to live up too! Already in the 80:s the business started to develop as a wholesale company in the local area. We started to deliver with our own trucks on certain days around Malardalen and Stockholm. In the 90:s Connys brother Kenneth became part owner of the company. Today we are a Nationwide wholesale company with visiting sales staff all over Sweden. At places we do not cover with our own delivery trucks we use freight partners. Through the years we have put a lot of both time, money and effort on our computer systems, both inhouse and on our website. Digital tools that makes our and our customers jobs more efficient and easy. Tire and rims recommendations, price calculators, availability connections and so on. Everything live and updated in our webshops. The company employs 25 people and had a turnover 2015 of around 15 million Euro.
We store around 45 000 tires and rims and offers a wide range of brands. From our warehouse in Valla we serve a large number of customers all over Sweden. The company has a highest level credit rate, Tripple A. Since the 80:s we have also worked separately with selling consumables for tires and rims. That is done by a daughter company, Ideal Import.

VDF Group is a “collection name” of our different businesses. Please have a look to the right to learn more about us


Valla Dack AB has, as mentioned in the text to the left, grown in logistics. Today we ́re a nationwide wholesaler. We send goods with freightpartners every day and distribute goods with our own 10 trucks around Stockholm and Malardalen daily. If you sell tires and would like a good supplier do not hesitate to contact us.


Nya Hjul

Is secondary name to Valla Dack AB with alignment only against Car dealers. A separate sales and order team to support their needs and demands. This part of the company also has separate mounting lines to deliver complete sets of tires and rims. If you ́re a car dealer in Sweden, don ́t hesitate to contact us!


Valla Däck

A local tire workshop, mainly in the region Katrineholm, Flen and Vingåker. A business that has developed through many years with a high service level. Valla Däck is a well known name in the region. Something we do not want to change, neither name nor reputation! Tires, rims, tirehotel, flat tire....
We ́ll fix it!


Ideal import

An independent subsidiary company founded in the middle of the 80:s. The company sells consumables mainly to workshops that mounts wheels and tires but also to a few companies as a wholesalepartner. With many years of experience we now have several good suppliers from different parts of the world. Balancing wheel weights, valves, tire repairs, wheel washers and compact wrenches. Brands we work with is for example, Trax, Perfect, Kart, RubberVulk, Schrader, Dionys-Hofamnn and more. Our own sales trucks deliver personal service and low freight costs.